Our current featured job is the kitchen of Tom and Beth Collins of Cloquet.

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The kitchen features a custom sand-through finish in complementary colors. The red varnished cook top island and wall oven unit have flat panel doors and cabinet ends with a rope molding applied for an extra touch. The remaining kitchen cabinets where treated with a cream colored varnish and share the same sand through technique. Custom radiator grills were made to hide the exsisting iron radiators within the cabinetry while still allowing them to be fully functional. Here's what the Collins have to say about their experience:

"My husband and I own an old historic home in Cloquet. We waited a couple of years after purchasing the home to tackle the kitchen renovations. We needed to change it over from a servants/catering kitchen to a family gathering room where we could create wonderful meals and at the same time, enjoy visiting with friends and family there.

There were many challenges that faced us due to the architecture and the fact that we weren't interested in tearing down walls and changing out windows. We had an idea how we wanted it to look and knew the cabinet design and colors we were looking for. We also wanted it to look like it has been here all along in keeping with the style and period of the home, yet incorporating an artsy feel.

We presented this 'problem' kitchen to the Morning Star group, and they patiently listened to our wants and ideas. We were planning to do this in stages, but the more we worked with Andrea, the more we wanted to just get it completed. Our faith in Morning Star just grew and grew as they were so very professional and treated us as though we were the most important job on their agenda. (It only took one look into the shop to know that nothing could be further from the truth!)

As our plan came to fruition, everything from the design to the finish to the installation turned out to exceed our expectations. We got exactly what we wanted...even more...and enjoyed our work relationship with all those associated with Morning Star.

Our kitchen is now an asset to this beautiful home and has helped turn it into just that, a home. I would...and do… recommend Morning Star to anyone who wants custom woodwork. And for those who think they want stock cabinetry, I say compare apples to apples and you will find that you can accomplish so much more with Morning Star."

Beth and Tom Collins